Some Ophthalmic Optics History

A small compilation into the basic history of opticianry and ophthalmic science

Indices of Common Optical Materials

A list of common optical materials as well as their speed in a given material. Some glass making .

Basic Optics

A great primer on optics.

Ray Diagrams

A tutorial on ray diagrams. It's interactive.


Covers various types of mirrors.

Light Wave

Shows the basic structure of a light wave.

Electromagnetic Wave Propagation

Shows both the electric and magnetic propagation of a wave through space. What's great about this tutorial is that one can change the angle to see it from different angles.

Wavefront Demonstration

This is a demonstration of what wavelets look like and form by either refracting or reflecting off of a medium


Shows a basic prism. If you explore the site more you will find many different types of prisms that do a variety of things.

Refraction of Light

Shows both white light and monochromatic light going into a denser medium

Polarization of Light

Ever wondered how those polarized glasses work?

Optics and the Eye

Shows some basic anatomy and goes in to color blindness.

Common Optical Defects in Lens Systems (Aberrations)

The dreaded aberrations.


Eye Simulator

This has to be one of the coolest simulators of the cranial nerves related to the eye that I have ever seen.

Anatomy of the Eye

Goes over some gross anatomy of the eye as well as a closer look into the retina.

Don't forget to check out the articles page. There will be essays and reports on important topics related to the eye and to opticianry.

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