Some Optics History

1st  to discover glass
1st to record details of glass making
Roger Bacon & Salverino D'armante
Both are credited with the invention of spectacles.
Ben Franklin
Invented bifocals of which the optics have not been improved upon since.
Thomas Young
1801, discovered astigmatism.
1804, invented curved lenses which were called periscopic which had a base curve of +1.25 D or -1.25 D
Pierre-Luis Guinand
1807, developed high quality glass by using clay rods in the process of glass making.
Around 1840 invented toric lenses.
Felix Monoyer
Coined the term diopter.
Devised the diopter standard of measurement.
Father of modern glass.  Started company in 1880.
Bausch & Lomb
Was started in 1915.  Produced 65% of the world's glass.
Galileo Galilei (1564-1642)
1st to attempt to measure the speed of light, but was unsuccesful.
Olaf Roemer
1875, calculated the speed of light by observing the moons of Jupiter.
Isaac Newton
Corpuscular theory of light.
Christian Huygens
Wave theory of light.

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