Nutrition – (part II )

As some of you may know, I’ve taken on a lifestyle change that has altered my outlook on a few things. Food is medicine and medicine is food, in a way. How dietary recommendations have changed has confounded many and with each study a new piece of the puzzle seems to invalidate a previous study and make the puzzle harder to piece together. After reading several books on the subject I’m convinced that (more…)

Financial Advisors Dilemma

I get a lot of spam from online publications. One I got that had this headline caught my eye “Altruism: The real ethical dilemma faced by financial planners.” This seemed a little odd to me. I would have responded directly, but didn’t want to sign up for another account. So, where to begin. The article makes a philosophical argument against altruism (as defined by Auguste Comte) in the finance sector. I honestly didn’t know (more…)