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November 20, 2012

Why I Stand in Solidarity with the Walmart Black Friday Strike

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Walmart is one of those companies that’s easy to hate. They almost make it too easy. As someone who has worked for them, I can’t help but agree with many assessments made by others.  Walmart seems to engage in all sorts of crappy behavior; whether they get tax breaks from townships against the wishes of its citizens, their abysmal percentage of healthcare enrollment, healthcare premiums rising, a great percentage of employees on government assistance due in part to their low wages, “dead peasant” insurance policies, and that’s not even touching its alleged predatory pricing, supposed supplier issues and labor relation problems (i.e. claims of union busting, purportedly not paying employees for time workedallegations of worker discrimination, and supposed poor working conditions)  it has as well as overseas allegations of bribery. One has to wonder what their mission statement is. Is it “Walmart: Creating Hell on Earth?” Makes one wonder. “Family Guy” has even parodied this in their episode “Hell Comes to Quahog.” While a general boycott that works would be welcome, boycotts also hurt the workers which Walmart seems so eager to punitively react to. So, Walmart workers will be on strike for “Black Friday.” I like this idea. It’s a “vote with your feet” endeavor that isn’t protracted as some boycotts get. Also, please remember that Black Friday isn’t the safest day to go out shopping. People have been  pepper sprayed, gotten hurt  because of a riot over a 2 dollar waffle maker, shot at in the parking lot and trampled to death at Walmart.

You can follow the protest on twitter at #walmartstrikers and at Making Change at Walmart which is a website dedicated to unionizing Walmart or at the very least, improving working conditions.


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