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August 16, 2011

Just a rant

by @ 3:11 pm. Filed under Personal Opinions

There is something unnerving about the way the stock market is behaving. I for one don’t invest in it because I do not trust the information we get from corporations. Corporations are extremely concerned about short-term gain without giving one iota to the prosperity of the corporation in the long term and actually being productive. R&D in many companies is non-existent save a few: IBM and some others which are almost entirely R&D. Remember Lucent Technologies?…. What does Lucent even do anymore? Lucent is just one example of a great company that is a shell of its former self. The larger issue that I see right now is currency manipulation. The dollar isn’t doing too well, and many countries have their currency influenced by the dollar (by owning bonds ie. our debt).  The worst part is that we are being told things should be rosy by the FED and economists predict…..

I think it is just about safe to say that economics is NOT a science. Economics does not have the ability to state how the economy is doing, was doing, or is about to do. Economists still don’t even agree on what got the US out of the great depression. That happened over 60 years ago!! Economics tries really hard to stay relevant by using mathematics to lend some form of legitimacy that it would not otherwise have. The gig is up. At this point, an economist has the same clout as a voodoo priest reading chicken bones. I know I’m not a financial adviser, so I don’t have the ability to destroy your finances like the “experts” do. It’s time to really give it some thought as to whether anyone has the ability (insider trading aside) to know what’s going to happen in the stock market or the economy in general. The fact that no one has been arrested for bringing the country to its knees is still beyond me. The best advice I’ve heard is invest in yourself. Start a business of your own. Once you have a business going it’s easier to understand how one makes or loses money instead of gambling your money in the stock market. Again, I’m not a financial adviser. Do your own due diligence. This is solely my opinion.

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  1. Jeffrey Says:

    If this optician extiss, I’m going there! Maybe one other suggestion could be to try and segregate the market–appeal to a certain demographic. Services such as hairdressing range from the affordable to the high-end, but I feel that opticians lack that identity. Which ever optician i walk into doesn’t feel more “classy” than the other. And we all do know that the perception of class really matters to Singaporeans.

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