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April 23, 2009


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Microsoft Quarterly Revenue Falls

I am inclined to believe that the root of the problem lies with Vista and I know I am not alone. Despite the economy, MSFT shot themselves in the foot. This is the situation I am in. I can’t update my website because Vista is extremely temperamental. Some of the site is powered by Java beans and JSP which is run through Caucho’s Resin. After some really bad experiences, I can’t program any updates to my modules that would otherwise improve my site.

I also love gaming. The only games that run OK are Warhammer Online, Halo 2 (and that only runs well with a Xbox 360 wired game pad and also jams LIVE down your throat), and Supreme Commander which is a real-time strategy game. I’ve purchased about 4 others that crash to desktop or cause the computer to commit seppuku. So what”s a PC gamer to do? In the case of Vista, switch to a console. Fortunately, having a Wii or Playstation 3  will get you out of that bind. Sadly there are a lot of great games I want to play, but my computer [AMD Phenom x4 2.6 Ghz chip with 2 Gigs of RAM ] has been reduced to a word processor/browser. Sony and Microsoft have been competing heavily. Now that I can’t use my computer the way Bill Gates thinks I should, looks like I’ll be playing Dead Space into the wee hours of the night on my PS3.

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