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December 25, 2008

Windows Vista Home Premium (64 bit version)

by @ 5:51 pm. Filed under Personal Opinions

Vista is a true piece of garbage operating system reminiscent of Windows Millenium.  It is extremely geared towards DRM to the point that it’s not even worth buying any songs or videos out of fear of running out of licenses because of Vista’s  instability. Vista is like a diamond encrusted turd. It’s very pretty, no doubt about it, but fundamentally short of being useful. Microsoft has lost its way. It is writing software instead of operating systems.

Don’t believe the non-sense Mojave commercials. If Microsoft had any balls they would show someone bring in a program to install. They don’t because the look of horror on the face of the one installing the software would look as if someone had just killed their loved one as the machine commits suicide, right in front of the installer, to a brand new screen of death color.

Microsoft has basically declared war on the human race and would probably turn on humanity if Roswell really happened.

My advice is to stick with Windows XP or get an Apple. In retrospect, Apple has been excessively kind to Microsft in their advertisements. I would personally get an apple if the programs I like were on it.

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