Scientific Due Diligence

There is a funny thing going on in nutritional sciences that I find difficult to explain, but not completely unheard of. As opticians we are subscribers to the Wave Theory of light as developed by Christian Huygens. This wasn’t always the case. Early in optics history, Newton’s Corpuscular Theory of light was favored even though it wasn’t quite correct. It couldn’t fully explain certain experimental phenomena like diffraction and interference. The current theory of light is encompassed in Quantum Mechanics.  Einstein, in describing the photoelectric effect, essentially combined both Newton’s (particle) and Huygen’s (wave) paradigms. As opticians, we stick to (more…)

Nutrition – (part II )

As some of you may know, I’ve taken on a lifestyle change that has altered my outlook on a few things. Food is medicine and medicine is food, in a way. How dietary recommendations have changed has confounded many and with each study a new piece of the puzzle seems to invalidate a previous study and make the puzzle harder to piece together. After reading several books on the subject I’m convinced that (more…)

Financial Advisors Dilemma

I get a lot of spam from online publications. One I got that had this headline caught my eye “Altruism: The real ethical dilemma faced by financial planners.” This seemed a little odd to me. I would have responded directly, but didn’t want to sign up for another account. So, where to begin. The article makes a philosophical argument against altruism (as defined by Auguste Comte) in the finance sector. I honestly didn’t know (more…)


I’ve been reading quite a bit about many different types of diets; The Standard American Diet (USDA approved), The Vegan/Vegetarian Diet (ie China Study), AtkinsPaleo Diet/Primal Blueprint, Smarter Science of Slim (SSoS), and a few others like the Abs Diet which isn’t as comprehensive as the others. I’ve been given the talk. You know the one… Your blood pressure is a bit high, your overweight, it’s time to go on a diet etc… As some of you may know, I started a business and time is a premium, always. It’s hard to find time to exercise, to go shopping, to prepare food and eat healthy in general. Since June was a relatively slow month, I decided itwould be a good time to start a diet